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This documentary will be a feature length film exploring birth choices in the UK.

The film will include interviews with mothers, celebrity mothers & birth professionals.

In the UK women are not being given informed consent when it comes to birth. Our intervention rate is at an all time high. The film investigates whether these interventions are necessary and if not, why do they happen? Why are women not being told they have a choice? Why are women being told they are "not allowed"? Why are so many healthy women choosing to give birth in hospital and do they even know they have a choice? 

We will be talking to midwives, doctors, activists, lawyers and social workers to investigate why the maternity service is letting so many women down. Trauma has become normal, women are filled with fear when it comes to birth. When push comes to shove investigates the reasons behind this stigma attatched to birth. 

Filming will comense in April 2021

Our camera crew will start the process of interviews in April. 

If you would like to tell your story for the documentary or for the youtube channel, please get in touch.



Can you help? Film funding 

Whether you are a mother or a birth worker we would love to hear from you! 

If you are passionate about autonomy in birth and would love to be involved in making a change to maternity care while empowering women, please donate to our film fund here