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Nickita Birth Centre


Nickita's story 

Nickita is an experienced Doula in association with IMUK and works closely with Maya midwives.

She has 2 children. Her first daughter 'Sophie' was born in 2008. Nickita had the most traumatic labour which compelled her to ask questions about the 'conveyor belt system' in maternity services. She knew deep down that what she had experienced was not normal. Soon after Sophie was born she started her journey to midwifery but soon realised it was not for her. Nickita believed that midwifery had become over medicalised which steered away from natural birth. Nickita then completed her training to become a Doula and has since served countless women. She has supported them in their choices and provided them with critical information about their choices in childbirth. 

After having Sophie, Nickita wanted another child but sadly suffered 9 miscarriages over a 12 year period. Then in July 2020 her miracle baby Dottie was born at home after a beautiful 3 hour labour! No pain, just an intense experience. This was all thanks to the  antenatal support she received from Andy Parker. An independent midwife. She gave Nickita the tools to birth the way she desired after the NHS failed to support her choices. To quote "Andy is my friend, my hero and my saviour". 

After the incredible antenatal support she received from Andy, Nickita vowed to raise the money the independent midwives needed for their insurance. 

As well as a birth worker she is an established singer songwriter. Nickita has made a niche connection with both vocations and has started a campaign to uphold her vow to Andy. Her plan is to;

1) Raise the money needed for IM'S to get their own insurance product 

2) Raise awareness about birth choices in the UK and to empower women everywhere. 
She has written a single which is available to download now! Also available for streaming on spotify.


Nickita wrote a single which will raise money for the insurance and will be released in March 2021. 

Nickita is also the creator of the film "When push comes to shove". Filming will begin in April 2021

Creator of when push comes to shove
Nickita with newborn baby
Nickita holding newborn baby


Rachel Elizabeth 
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Hi I’m Rachel,

I’m a birth and postnatal doula with 10 years experience helping  women discover their new role as mums. 

I am also a qualified hypnobirthing instructor, and am recognised with Doula UK and The Wise Hippo.

I also am a qualified massage and pregnancy massage therapist.

I live in Chelmsford with my partner, my 4 children (aged 16, 14, 9 and 1) and our 8 year old rescue cat, Mitten.  Our home is loud, and often full of hungry teenagers drinking tea, playing games, and raiding the snack cupboard! 

I love spending time with other mums, music, drawing, writing, and being outdoors in nature.

My 2 daughters are home educated, and we enjoy going for walks and trying our hands at various crafts as well as learning about other people and cultures. 

My eldest children have autism, and over the years, we have experienced the joys and struggles of parenting high needs children. 

My family life has taught me that with the loving support from those around us, our toughest challenges can become our greatest achievements.

I started out my doula journey back in 2009 because I wanted to share the message that birth can and should be a positive, empowering experience for us all.

My background allows me to get along side you, with an unshakable confidence in your ability to achieve your goals, whatever they look like.

I live in Chelmsford with my partner, my 4 children (aged 16, 14, 9 and 1) and our 8 year old rescue cat, Mitten.  Our home is loud, and often full of hungry teenagers drinking tea, playing games, and raiding the snack cupboard! 

During these years of parenting and supporting other parents, I’ve learnt the importance of making informed decisions, and of valuing ourselves as women and as mothers. There is always something new to learn, and I hope together we can try out new techniques and old wisdom.

I feel particularly passionate about working with you if you have a desire to regain confidence in yourself, and your body.  Anxieties, past experiences and years of spending all our energy on others can hinder our ability to truly connect with ourselves, which is an essential part of a positive birth experience. I believe in you, and I would love to say to you: “Ladies, you really CAN do this!”.

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Beverley Beech Am I allowed author
Beverely Beech author


Beverley is the former Chair of AIMS (UK), Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a freelance writer, researcher, campaigner, and mother of two has campaigned to improve maternity care since the birth of her second child in 1976. For six years she was a lay adviser to the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at Oxford and from 1993-1998 was lay member of the Professional Conduct Committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and a member of the Midwifery Committee of the NMC.

She was a lay member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Maternity Forum, a founder member of CERES (Consumers for Ethics in Research), and is a current member of the RSM's Maternity Forum. She lectures, both nationally and internationally, on consumer issues in maternity care and on the medicalisation of birth.

Nickita Carly Beverley