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Love Balloon

Since day One Nickita has been like a beacon of light for me at a time when I desperately needed it.
Feeling lost within the world of midwifery as it currently stands, I found myself feeling lost and without direction.
Nickita was so lovely and kind and reassuring and helped me to at least have hope that there definitely is another way....

Her courses introduced the world of being a birth assistant, guardian in such a beautiful way and she introduced us to everything from looking after ourselves, first and foremost and figuring how we use our Gifts to assist our ladies and just understanding the beauty of natural birth and our ability to be with women as we had always wanted to.

Nickita's course is a Godsend and I would highly recommend her course to open up yourself to the fact that there really is another way.
Simply Amazing 💜👏💫


Nikki Says...

Nickita is an absolute inspiration and all the skills I have learned from her have been invaluable. I was part of her January doula/birth keeper course and found it enlightening. The community that she is creating in incredible and will be crucial in helping to empower women all over the world


Charlotte says...

I took the doula course with Nickita in January. Having taken another course previously, I definitely would recommend this one, it covers so much ground that others simply don't.

If you see yourself being the kind of doula that is willing to stand up and be counted and advocate for the women you work with, this is the course for you.


Clare says...

I recently completed when push comes to shove course. Have to say one of the most enlightening and transformative experiences of my life .
For any women wanting to empower themselves either pre pregnancy or indeed after I highly recommend this course


Lou says...

I attended the 4 day Doula course in January. I'm an ex midwife who left the profession a number of years ago.
Nickita, who runs the course, is truly inspirational; she is passionate, knowledgeable and has a gift for communicating and inspiring others.
The course was so much more than I expected. It was a journey of self discovery and development as well as covering the normal physiology of birth, medical terminology, possible complications/risks, interventions, the microbiome, psychological aspects of pregnancy and birth and legal issues.
There was an extraordinary amount of content in a short course with plenty of information and advice for further learning and development.
Nickita's passion is infectious. It has been a life changing course for me and I highly recommend it to others, you will not be disappointed and it's worth every penny.

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