We need your input!

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As 'Push comes to shove' is an ongoing movement, we always welcome your contribution. 

Your footage will be used on social media along side the single to create awareness of the campaign.

We are looking for the following ;

  • Footage of the moments your baby was born

  • Videos of you holding up a sign saying 'When push comes to shove' OR 'Childbirth choices matter'

Example below 

We are interviewing mums & birth workers to tell their story. This movement is all about YOUR truth. Did you have a traumatic experience, did you have 2 different births? Or are you a birth worker and tired of a broken system? We want to interview you! 

Please email us your story at;


To arrange an interview for the youtube channel 

Please click on the link below to visit our youtube channel. Here you will see other interviews

Please send your footage via 'We transfer'

to info@whenpushcomestoshove.co.uk

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