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Antenatal course - Intensive birth physiology & human rights digital course. 

Watch the free webinar below to learn more about the course

This is one of our most popular courses for parents-to-be. This course is great even before you become pregnant! It is never too early to educate yourself. The earlier the better. 

As many of you have noticed, the current maternity system is fear based. Scaremongering, unnecessary medical intervention and threatening behaviour to those who don't comply have become the new normal. This is totally unacceptable. 

Pregnancy and birth should be the most magical time of your life. Women entering the system healthy should leave in the same way! Not downtrodden and traumatised. 

This digital course will empower you and arm you with knowledge to make an informed decision about your birth. The course explains birth physiology, signs of labour, stages of labour, common obstetric scenarios, the human microbiome and most importantly human rights in birth. 

If you are concerned that you will be coerced into medical procedures you don't want this course is for you. The course goes into detail about natural birth and how your body will work in perfect harmony. Become empowered! 

A brilliant antenatal course that you can watch at your leisure. A fully comprehensive course to prepare you for birth, understanding the process of labour, signs of labour, and detailed birth physiology. This is the only intensive that covers human rights and the law in the UK when it comes to childbirth options. 

This course includes:

  • 90 Minute video

  • PDF Infographic X 9

  • Breathe Again - Nickita (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)  The song to spread awareness of informed consent in birth. 

  • Breathe Again - Nickita (Candlelight mix) mp3

  • Reading & viewing recommendations

  • Over medicalisation of childbirth PDF

Doula / Birth Keeper Training 

Watch the video below to learn more about our course

This is a phenomenal course. From our research, there is no other course like it. This will enable you to become a certified birth worker. You will learn how to support women in labour, understand obstetric scenarios, grasp a deep understanding of birth physiology and the role of the human microbiome . Once you have completed this course you will be a strong advocate for your client. You will be able to help them navigate the system, or indeed assist them to birth outside the system. You will be able to arm your clients with knowledge so they can make informed decisions. As we focus on human rights due to the current tyrannical system, you will play a crucial role in empowering women by educating them on their rights  Your role is not clinical but to support your client emotionally and physically. 

We also teach you how to build a business, designing a website, basic SEO & you will automatically become registered with our Doula directory when you certify. We will then mentor you through your first 5 births until you are a recognised WPCTS birth worker.

This is a 4 day intensive course on zoom. Our January course is now fully booked, but please enrol for our course in April 2022 

This course is for ANYONE wanting to support women in natural birth. We have midwives leaving the NHS and training with us, we have women with no experience with birth at all training with us. So don't worry about needing any previous qualifications. This is for everyone!