Intensive birth physiology & human rights course (Online digital course) 
£150 - 90 MINUTES

A brilliant antenatal course that you can watch at your leisure. A fully comprehensive course to prepare you for birth, understanding the process of labour, signs of labour, and detailed birth physiology. This is the only intensive that covers human rights and the law in the UK when it comes to childbirth options. 

This course includes:

  • 90 Minute video

  • PDF Infographic X 8

  • Breathe Again - Nickita (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)  The song to spread awareness of informed consent in birth. 

  • Breathe Again - Nickita (Candlelight mix) mp3

  • Reading & viewing recommendations

  • Over medicalisation of childbirth PDF

This is an intensive 90 minute course which is crammed with content. Just some topics covered are: 

Birth physiology -  how your body works during labour & the role of oxytocin

Obstetric scenarios & why problems occur during birth

Off grid birth

Human rights - Know your rights in birth, how to navigate the system and the law

Human microbiome

1-1 Intensive birth physiology & human rights course 
£400 - 90 minutes

A great option if you want the knowledge but do not want a Doula!

A bespoke course tailored to your individual needs. 
We can discuss 
- Birth physiology 
- Birthing off grid
- You rights in pregnancy & birth 
- How to navigate the system
- Do you need to involve the NHS at all

I take your lead and provide you with the most detailed content that you won't find anywhere else. 

Birth Keeper/ Doula training certified course
£1000 - 4 day zoom course 

We are confident that you will not find a more detailed course out there. We have the most impressive content to ensure you will become the best birth worker you can be. Our course includes (but not limited to):

  • Birth physiology 

  • Breech birth 

  • Obstetric scenarios 

  • How to build a business (SEO tutorials & reaching your demographic) 

  • Human microbiome

  • 6 Human Needs 

  • Mentorship with your first 5 births

  • Automatic registration with our Birth Keeper directory 

  • No membership fees

£100 - 45 MINUTES

1-1 Consultation 
Ask me anything! 
Do you need to know?
- Your rights in birth
- Understand your options
-How to navigate the system
Or do you need to book a Birth Keeper?

These one-off sessions are great as a starting point. If you feel you need ongoing support after a consultation, please get in touch and we will be happy to go through your options. 


Three Step Rewind

Birth trauma healing with Rachel




Understand how meditate during labour and really enjoy your birth!



Our courses are run by certified birth workers (Midwives, Doulas & Birth Keepers) We work with a human rights lawyer so we can ensure you are well versed in the law & birth. 

Pregnancy can be a scary time, but with our experienced professionals, you will learn why birth can be the most incredible experience of your life. 

After your course we are confident you will feel empowered and in control of your choices. Please get in touch to enquire about availability. Courses are run regularly but they fill up very quickly. 



Pregnant belly
Just some of the topics covered on our courses
  • Home birth

  • Freebirth 

  • VBAC

  • HBAC

  • Human rights

  • Partner support

  • Preparing for birth

  • Birth physiology 

  • Intervention 

  • Pain relief

  • Navigating the system

  • Informed consent

  • Breastfeeding

Why book our birth workshops?

maternity blue dress

I joined Nickita at this course last Thursday- you will not want to miss it!!

We learned what typically happens in a hospital birth, what we need to avoid, and what can happen if we’re not fully informed.

We also learned so much about what our bodies are capable of, and which normal variations of birth can get turned into emergencies (and how to spot them).

Nickita is so knowledgeable- there’s nothing she doesn’t know about birth!

This course is great for anyone wanting to understand how we can navigate around the system to make sure our individual needs and boundaries are respected!

I wish a course like this had existed before I had my babies.

Not to be missed!

Rachel E

One of the biggest myths around, is that childbirth is one of the biggest medical emergencies going! TV Screens filled with screaming women, beepy machines & people in white coats telling women to PUSH do not help the stigma of birth. Nor do stories of tearing & 3 day labours. When you are empowered, trust your body & understand the physiological process, suddenly the scene is very different. Women roaring in ecstasy, catching their own babies in the dim light of their own home, 'hands off' midwives gently observing & giving the power to the woman. This is ecstatic birth & very much achievable. Not just for hippy's & witches I can assure you.

We can give you bespoke 1-1 antenatal education that the mainstream are not able to, due to time restricted visits.

Sadly with the over medicalisation of birth (amongst other factors) birth has become traumatic. We must never confuse NORMAL with COMMON. Birth trauma is extremely common but it certainly isn't normal. YOU CAN BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR

We at 'When Push Comes To Shove' (An EBE award nominated company) have made it our mission to empower women in their choices in birth. There is no such thing as "You are not allowed". You are ALLOWED to do whatever you choose. Sadly not many women know their rights when it comes to birth. You are entitled to informed consent about ANY decision you make.

We debunk common misinformation such as 'You are not allowed a vaginal birth with a breech baby, you are not allowed a home birth with a high BMI' or 'You must be induced because you are 'overdue' "

We offer 1-1 Bespoke workshops. We see you as an individual and treat you as such, rather than a statistic. Workshops are run by an experienced Doula.

If you need help writing to your trust to get the birth you want, we help with that too! We do not give medical advice. We arm you with information to get the birth you desire. Informed consent is key! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Some of the topics we can cover in your bespoke 1-1 sessions (online or in person) are:

. Home birth


. Free birth

. Breech birth

. Induction of labour (how to stop an induction if you do not want one)

. Understanding the term 'high risk' & how it effects you.

. Birth trauma from a previous birth

. Navigating a broken maternity system & understanding evidence based practice.

Whether you are looking for a Doula, support navigating the system or you would like to book our online course, please get in touch today. Birth without fear!

"When Push Comes To Shove chewed my leg out of one heck of a proverbial bear trap! After feeling coerced into a hospital birth I DID NOT want, I felt totally overwhelmed and disempowered. I was told a home birth was not possible due to my BMI. Well I contacted WPCTS & was blown away by how much information was given to me! I attended the course & managed to get the home birth of my DREAMS! I was armed with knowledge, knew my rights & stepped back into trusting my body. I felt like a birthing goddess!" Katie W

If you would like to be empowered and know your rights, you have come to the right place. We are spreading the word of autonomy & we even have a SONG by Nickita to do just that!

Check it out here. A beautifully emotive music video with footage of REAL women who have just given birth, along with Doulas & Midwives singing along to the chorus!"


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Did you know that breech birth is a variation of normal & a vaginal birth is perfectly safe when assisted by an experienced midwife? Did you know unassisted birth is completely legal?

Don't take my word for it, subscribe to our youtube channel & see interviews with the pro's! Doctors, Midwives, Doulas & scientists! We even have celeb interviews about their ecstatic births!


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