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With thousands of midwives and NHS workers set to lose their jobs in April, this will be a very scary and uncertain time for many. So many skilled professionals are worried their career will end just because they will not comply with the new tyrannical mandate. 

We at When Push Comes To Shove are offering Midwives or any NHS worker a career lifeboat. Train with us and learn more about our beautifully ethical business model and how to change the earth starting with birth. We are the childbirth revolution and are offering women another option to the current systemic maternity practice that many NHS staff find abhorrent. 

What is the birth revolution?

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Please read this information before making an enquiry. We are very busy and have limited staff. If you still need more info we are happy to hear from you! 

Systemic maternity care and pathologised childbirth is responsible for an enormous amount of unnecessary trauma. Women enter the system healthy and happy and very often leave feeling down trodden and scarred for life. We understand so many wonderful midwives do not want to practice under a governing body with so much red tape and over medicalised practice, but are under so much pressure to follow guidelines that their initial agenda to serve women has become a distant memory and replaced with paperwork, pathologised guidelines and systemic care. 

More and more women are taking control of their birth and no longer want to 'hand it over'. They are taking responsibility and becoming empowered in the most sacred experience of their lives. Freebirthing has become increasingly popular and women are looking for traditional birth attendants rather than engaging the NHS. Women are understanding that birth is a NATURAL process that very occasionally needs medical intervention, not a medical process that occasionally occurs naturally 'if you are lucky'. As experienced Birth Keepers and Doulas  we at When Push Comes To Shove are offering women an alternative to the system. We simply offer 100% evidence based information for them to make informed decisions about their birth. We DO NOT advise, only offer support and information to empower women in their own choices. We provide people with a non medical maternity service. Since pregnancy is not a medical condition, most women will successfully have a physiological birth without any need of intervention or pain relief. This is most likely to occur when the birth attendant understands physiology and empowers the woman whilst trusting her body. 

We currently have Birth Keepers in five different countries are growing by the day. With an average of 2000 hits per week on our website, When Push Comes To Shove is growing at a rapid pace as an alternative to the mainstream system. 

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55% OFF



Pay only £450 for this course! Payment plans avaialble too

Please email Nickita to enrol on our Midwife group booking

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How can we help unvaccinated midwives?

Whether you are a midwife or any NHS healthcare professional who wants to focus on maternity care, we want to be able to offer you the chance to jump on board our life boat. It is clear that there is going to be an enormous transformation in health care. Thousands are moving away from mainstream health care and engaging holistic practitioners. The world needs you! Our services are highly in demand and we need as many dedicated birth keepers as possible to serve women all over the world. 

When Push Comes To Shove is proudly associated with The World Council For Health. Together we are also working on an alternative to Midwife registration. 

 Please click here for more info on The World Council For Health 

We are running a heavily discounted course for NHS staff who will lose their jobs in April. We understand that you are facing uncertain times both emotionally and financially so we would like to help to make this life transforming transition as easy for you for you as possible.  

Training for midwives and other NHS workers wishing to become natural birth attendants 

Our Birth Keeper courses are usually £1000 but if you make a group booking of at least 8 we will only charge £450 each. This 55% discount is for group bookings for NHS Staff only. 

We have had the pleasure of enrolling many midwives on our courses so they can practice women centred care as a self employed Birth Keeper as well as having the opportunity to teach When Push Comes To Shove Doula Courses in the future. There are lucrative earning opportunities with us as well as having the chance to help low income families with our access fund. We regularly book Doulas and Birth Keepers for our clients on a low income using our access fund which is sustained by a combination of the following 

- Generous public donations

- WPCTS Birth worker donations. We do not charge a membership fee but ask any birth workers on our directory to donate 10% of their fee to our access fund

- Nickita Music - The creator of When Push Comes To Shove 'Nickita' is also a singer songwriter. Any funds earned from her music business ie performance and downloads goes towards funding The WPCTS access fund.

We cannot guarantee you work, but that is often the issue of being self employed. We will however give you all the tools you need to make this transition successful. We do get plenty of enquiries so we will of course offer you all work as and when we receive enquiries in your area.

We understand the uncertainty you will have. It’s a huge life changing decision but rest assured we are here to help as much as we can.

If you intend to enrol on the course, we suggest you all start promoting When Push Comes To Shove to every woman you can in your area. Word will spread quickly and by the time April comes around you should see a significant increase of enquiries from your respective areas. 

If anyone would like some flyers, do let us know and we can post some out to you

Course content 

- Birth physiology

- Human microbiome

- Holistic practice (alternative to western meds such as brewers diet for pre eclampsia, alternatives to stitches etc)

- Meditation & hypnobirthing

- Supporting freebirth

- Human rights in birth

- History of childbirth

- Vaccinations

- Evidence based 'high risk' practice

- Learning how to build your business (including SEO training and changing relationships with money)

- Helping clients navigate the system

- Rebozo

- Breech birth


- Post natal care

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Midwife Lifeboat Birth Keeper Course FAQ's


On zoom! You will also be paired with a mentor for regular zoom meetings to check in on your wellbeing 


Our next Birth Keeper course for midwives runs from January 31st- 3rd February 2022 12-3pm Daily

Tell me more about the Midwife Lifeboat 

When Push Comes To Shove Midwife Lifeboat is a multifaceted opportunity for midwives who may lose their jobs due to the upcoming vaccine mandate. It also has the potential to grow an already established, new maternity care system ‘When Push Comes To Shove International.We are associated with The World Council For Health and are actively creating a new healthcare system without the restraints of current mandates and governing bodies. This will give you the chance to practice in a way you have always dreamed of. Woman centred, continuity of care and without unnecessary red tape.  We cannot change the system as it works perfectly well for the system, just not the women birthing inside it! We simply need a new one, and this is it. A structure for a new, woman centred maternity system is well in progress. The demand for natural birth keepers is exceptionally high. Women are moving away from pathologised birth and starting to embrace the physiological process. As the demand for this becomes greater, we will begin to see a shift in the maternity care system. Joining us as a Birth Keeper will play an integral part in giving women back their autonomy and empowering their choices. 


The Midwife Lifeboat is an invitation to train with us a holistic and natural birth practitioner or Birth Keeper. 

We DO NOT teach clinical practice. Here are just some of the topics covered on our course:

- Birth physiology 

- Human microbiome 

- Holistic practice (alternative to western meds such as brewers diet for pre eclampsia, alternatives to stitches etc)

- Meditation & hypnobirthing 

- Supporting freebirth

- Human rights in birth

- History of childbirth

- Vaccinations

- Evidence based 'high risk' practice

- Learning how to build your business (including SEO training and changing relationships with money)

- Helping clients navigate the system

- Rebozo 

- Breech birth 


- Post natal care


The course is run by experienced birth keepers who specialise in alternative, holistic practice, with guest speakers who talk about their respective expertise, such as nutrition and human rights in birth. 

This is a 4 day course with ongoing mentorship. 

Can I become a Birth Keeper while registered as a Midwife?

This is a rather grey area. If you are a certified Birth Keeper / Doula, you will not be attending a birth with a view to practice any medical procedures (ie fetal monitoring)  Your role is to empower women by providing them with evidence based information to make informed decisions and to provide emotional and practical support. You DO NOT give advice. If an emergency arises (which is very rare when women have full autonomy) you simply call an ambulance. 

If you are still a registered midwife but attend a birth, you could be liable for practicing without insurance. 


While this may sound quite daunting and confusing, rest assured we are working hard alongside The World Council For Health to provide a way to practice midwifery without all the red tape. Until then, we are offering you the chance to learn a wealth of knowledge about becoming a natural birth practitioner. You may even find you don’t want to return to the medical side of this work at all! It is of course very important for skills to be put into practice in a medical emergency. Which is why we are finding alternatives to NMC registration. 

Is this for me?

We know you are already a midwife and don't need to retrain! We are here to give you confidence in holistic practice and give you confidence in becoming self employed. If you have always longed to support women in physiological birth and empower them to make their own choices, then yes, this is certainly for you. Many midwives are traumatised by working within a system where they cannot provide the care for women that they would like. Many midwives have expressed their hesitation and sometimes refusal to carry out certain guidelines. As a Birth Keeper, you will be able to practice woman centred care without the worry of litigation. We ask our clients to sign a waiver acknowledging we are not responsible for how they navigate their medical care nor do we provide clinical care. This is in fact liberating for women choosing to take responsibility for their birth. Most women that contact us simply want a wise presence at their births to emotionally support them. They are not looking for intervention. 

How can I earn money? 

While we cannot guarantee you an income, we certainly provide you with all the tools you will need to grow a successful self employed business. 

WPCTS also offer other earning opportunities. After completing the course you will have an opportunity to run WPCTS courses yourself. We pay £1000 per course. 

We also offer an affiliates programme (commencing in March 2022) 

We can also provide you with an advertising code for our Doula courses. You will receive £100 for every course sold using your personal code.

What if I don’t live in the UK

You are still welcome to enrol with our 55% discount if you are a midiwfe and soon to lose your job due to the forthcoming mandate

How do I sign up?

We book in groups of 8 or more. If you have a group of people that would like to book, please email me with all colleagues cc’d in to organise enrolment. 

Otherwise please apply via email. As an individual you will be assigned to a Group bookings for other single bookings.

Can I enrol if I am not a midwife?

If you are not a midwife we suggest you enrol on our Doula course. The Midwife Lifeboat Certified Birth Keeper course bypasses many things that someone already familiar with maternity care will know. Our Doula Course will cover important content that you will need to know such as obstetric scenarios. 

If you are an NHS worker but not a midwife we will offer you a discount to enrol on our Doula course. The Doula course for NHS workers is 45%

My question is not listed, how do I find out more?

If you need any more info that is not listed here, please email me to book a 1-1. Group sessions will be discounted.

Our Birth Keeper Course Details (February schedule) 

Day one


Welcome - Definition of a Birth Keeper / Doula and how we operate 

Your transition from Midwife to Birth Keeper - Three Step Rewind offer

Introduction to World Council For Health and our combined efforts to provide health practitioners an alternative to NMC registration

Meditation & hypnobirth 

Spiritual growth - The Six Human Needs & Manifestation 

Beverley Beech talk on over medicalisation on birth - Author of ‘Am I Allowed’ (Book included in course) and former chair of AIMS

Birth physiology 

Holistic practice - Alternatives to medical practice in childbirth. (Lead by Krishinda and Debs) 


Day two 


Supporting Freebirth 

History of Childbirth 

Evidence based information so your clients can make informed decisions 

‘High risk’ - Breech Birth, Twin Birth , VBAC and various other ‘high risk’ scenarios 

Spinning babies 

Talk by Laura Shanley - Author of Unassisted Childbirth 


Day Three 


Post natal care as a Doula


Nutrition during pregnancy 



Talk by Phil Escott -Co Author of ‘The Red Pill Revolution’ and ‘Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’


Day Four 


How to build your business

SEO training 

How When Push Comes To Shove provides lucrative earning opportunities 

Human Rights In Childbirth 

How to advocate for your client 

Talk by Nicky Adolphe - Creator of ‘The Autonomy Hotline’ specialist in Medical Ethics 

Mentoring process explained

Sounds awesome to me, sign me up! 

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