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Midwife Lifeboat Course

For Midwives & Doulas

Initially set up as a lifeline to Midwives who were going to lose their jobs due the mandate. The mandate has since been revoked but that does not change the fact that thousands of midwives have become totally disillusioned with systemic practice. 

This is a very unique and inspired course to give you the tools to practice autonomously, let go of the fear that has been indoctrinated into you from systemic practice and look forward to serve women how you have always wanted. 

Couple and Surrogate Mother

Live Course

If you have a group of midwives or doulas who would like to do live training please get in touch. We offer discounts for group bookings

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Pre-recorded course

This course is pre recorded. It is certified but no mentorship is included, nor will you have the bonus of interaction.

Pregnant Woman

What will I learn

We are not teaching Granny to suck eggs! You are already a Midwife. This course gives you a glimpse into how you could practice as a Natural Birth Practitioner. 

This will ultimately give you confidence in physiological birth. You will understand that in this practice, you are NOT responsible for how women navigate their medical choices. This is woman centred care and they are responsible for their birth not you. You will learn how to provide evidence so they can make informed decisions rather than 'giving advice'.

This course is HEAVILY centred around self development & the 'Money Is Love' model. As you will be used to a paycheque every month, you will learn how to manifest abundance in your life by following your calling and leaving a red-tape system.


Can Doulas Enrol?

Yes of course! This is the more experienced Doula . 

This course can help you develop your skills as a birth practitioner, learn more about nutrition, childbirth rights, law & help you with self development as well as relationships with money 

Train with us and learn more about our beautifully ethical business model and how to change the earth starting with birth. We are the childbirth revolution and are offering women another option to the current systemic maternity practice that many NHS staff find abhorrent. 

Systemic maternity care and pathologised childbirth is responsible for an enormous amount of unnecessary trauma. Women enter the system healthy and happy and very often leave feeling down trodden and scarred for life. We understand so many wonderful midwives do not want to practice under a governing body with so much red tape and over medicalised practice, but are under so much pressure to follow guidelines that their initial agenda to serve women has become a distant memory and replaced with paperwork, pathologised guidelines and systemic care. 

More and more women are taking control of their birth and no longer want to 'hand it over'. They are taking responsibility and becoming empowered in the most sacred experience of their lives. Freebirthing has become increasingly popular and women are looking for traditional birth attendants rather than engaging the NHS. Women are understanding that birth is a NATURAL process that very occasionally needs medical intervention, not a medical process that occasionally occurs naturally 'if you are lucky'. As experienced Birth Keepers and Doulas  we at When Push Comes To Shove are offering women an alternative to the system. We simply offer 100% evidence based information for them to make informed decisions about their birth. We DO NOT advise, only offer support and information to empower women in their own choices. We provide people with a non medical maternity service. Since pregnancy is not a medical condition, most women will successfully have a physiological birth without any need of intervention or pain relief. This is most likely to occur when the birth attendant understands physiology and empowers the woman whilst trusting her body. 

We currently have Birth Keepers in five different countries are growing by the day. With an average of 2000 hits per week on our website, When Push Comes To Shove is growing at a rapid pace as an alternative to the mainstream system. 


Whether the system like it or not, more and more women have grown tired of an over-medicalised approach to Childbirth. We get hundreds of enquiries from women who no longer wish to engage the NHS as they have no trust. We often encourage them to engage one of our natural birth practitioners along side the NHS but sadly, so many a re fearful of the system and want nothing to do with it. They are concerned with coercion & sabotage. Home births are frequently suspended and women have had enough. There is a HUGE calling for Natural Birth Practitioners. This will be the way to go in the not so distant future. Get ahead of the game, become self employed and empower women in thier choices! 

Midwife examining expectant mother and satisfied with checkup. Young woman touching belly


Welcome - Definition of a Birth Keeper / Doula and how we operate 

Your transition from Midwife to Birth Keeper - Three Step Rewind offer

Introduction to World Council For Health and our combined efforts to provide health practitioners an alternative to NMC registration

Meditation & hypnobirth 

Spiritual growth - The Six Human Needs & Manifestation 

Beverley Beech talk on over medicalisation on birth - Author of ‘Am I Allowed’ (Book included in course) and former chair of AIMS

Birth physiology 

Holistic practice - Alternatives to medical practice in childbirth. (Lead by Krishinda and Debs) 


Supporting Freebirth 

History of Childbirth 

Evidence based information so your clients can make informed decisions 

‘High risk’ - Breech Birth, Twin Birth , VBAC and various other ‘high risk’ scenarios 

Spinning babies 

Talk by Laura Shanley - Author of Unassisted Childbirth 


Post natal care as a Doula


Nutrition during




Talk by Phil Escott -Co Author of ‘The Red Pill Revolution’ and ‘Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’


How to build your business

SEO training 

How When Push Comes To Shove provides lucrative earning opportunities 

Human Rights In Childbirth 

How to advocate for your client 

Talk by Nicky Adolphe - Creator of ‘The Autonomy Hotline’ specialist in Medical Ethics 

Mentoring process explained


I recently attended the Midwife lifeboat course with Nakita. The course was amazing! It made me realise there is a future for me to care for women and families in a way they truly deserve, outside of the broken NHS system. The course covered aspects of law, psychological birth, self improvement and skills required to build a business. It was so much more than I expected. I met likeminded midwives. It’s given me confidence and renewed my passion for true midwifery. I’m excited for the future and to be part of a much needed maternity revolution!

Angela - Midwife


Since day One Nickita has been like a beacon of light for me at a time when I desperately needed it.
Feeling lost within the world of midwifery as it currently stands, I found myself feeling lost and without direction.
Nickita was so lovely and kind and reassuring and helped me to at least have hope that there definitely is another way....

Her courses introduced the world of being a birth assistant, guardian in such a beautiful way and she introduced us to everything from looking after ourselves, first and foremost and figuring how we use our Gifts to assist our ladies and just understanding the beauty of natural birth and our ability to be with women as we had always wanted to.

Nickitas course is a Godsend and I would highly recommend her course to open up yourself to the fact that there really is another way.
Simply Amazing

Beverely - Midwife

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Course dates

We are currently offering the pre-recorded course for download so you can complete in your own time.


Pre recorded course - £220 

If you have a group of midwives/doulas that would like to do live training (which includes mentoring) we can certainly find some dates for you. 

Please email for group bookings. 

Live Course - £999

If you work for the NHS the price is reduced to £450 

If you have a group (more than 3) price is reduced to £550 per person 

Sounds awesome to me, sign me up! 

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