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How do I register my baby after a Freebirth?

You are required by law 'Notifications of birth act 1907' to notify the birth to 'The Child Health and Information service' within 36 hours. 

Usually a midwife will notify the birth, but as it is so 'unusual' for anyone other than a medical professional to do this, the process can be quite a grey area. The Notifications of birth act states that the 'Chief administrative medical officer of the health board for the area' should be notified so it is worth finding out who this before the time of birth.


It can be quite difficult to notify a birth after an unassisted birth purely because the staff will not know what to do. Therefore it is best to prepare before hand. 


After the birth is notified, your baby will be given and NHS number. 


Please note that 'Registering' a birth is not the same as 'notifying'.  You must register your baby's birth within 42 days of birth with the Registrar of Births and Deaths in your area.  

Is freebirth/unassisted birth legal?

Having an unassisted birth is 100% legal. You are not required by law to have a medical practitioner attend your birth. You are not required to notify a medical practitioner that you are pregnant either,

Will I be reported to social services for having an unassisted birth?

No healthcare professional should NOT be reporting you to social services purely because you decided you did not want to engage a medical practitioner for your pregnancy and birth. However this still happens. They may interpret your confidence in a physiological process as a safe guarding issue. If they do they must carry out an assessment to prove your baby is at risk. You also have the right to take that healthcare professional's name and PIN number and report them to the NMC for abuse of authority and Breach of the NHS consitution.  

Is this organisation just for natural/home birth?

Absolutely not! We are here to support you in whichever way you decide to birth your baby. 

We have. no interest in telling you how to give birth at all. We believe in informed consent. One woman's ideal of childbirth will not be another's. We stand for empowerment and supporting YOUR choice. Home, hospital or swimming with dolphins! It's your choice. 

I have suffered physical/mental trauma from my birth. What do I do?

Please get in touch with us if you need support We can offer you a 3-step-rewind for trauma. If you need legal advice we can put you in touch with a legal organisation who can help.

Where can I see a list of up to date adverse effects from the Covid 19 vaccine?

MHRA Yellow Card Reporting up to 11th Aug 2021 released to the public on 19TH AUG 2021

(These are UK ONLY stats)


- Respiratory Issues   41,055

- Fatal  1,596

- Blinded  389

- Eye Injury 19,026

- Deaf  555

- Vertigo/Tinnitis  9,177

- Guillian Barre Syndrome   432

- Paralysis 1,067

- Seizures  2,661

- Tremor 11,087

- Facial Paralysis incl. Bell’s Palsy  1,576

- Strokes and CNS haemorrhages   2,489

- Acute Cardiac  14,189

- Pericarditis/Myocarditis (Heart inflammation)   647

- Myocardial Infarction & Heart Failure  726

- Anaphylaxis  1,300

- Pulmonary Embolism & Deep Vein Thrombosis  3,282

- Psychiatric Disorders  23,747

- Spontaneous Abortions 465

- Maternal deaths figures imply 16 related

- Haemorrhage 7,504

- Renal & Urinary Disorders 3,378

- Reproductive/Breast 35,010

- Headaches 107,156

- Migraine 10,682

- Vomiting  14,957

- Infections   25,685

- Herpes  4,102

- Swelling Face  1,727

- Blood Disorders. 18,089

- Skin Disorders  77,431

- Nervous System Disorders  231,995


Reports 347,032 (total people reporting injury or death)


1-in-136 people have filed a Yellow Card Adverse Event.


0.5-10% of reactions are thought to be reported.


Where can I learn about Vitamin K?

The best resource for vitamin K can be found here 

Where can I learn about Anti - D?