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Is this a certified course?

Yes. After completion you will be a certified birth and post-natal Doula?

Is this a recognised qualification?

We are self governed. We have our own ethos and do not necessarily adhere to the same strict policies of other Doula Training Courses. We are an 'aware/awake' organisation and would never tell anyone what language to use nor insist on any medical intervention in order to work. We respect everyone's beliefs and do not judge how anyone wishes to live or the language they choose to use. 

As there are no legal requirements to be qualified as a Doula in the UK, it is unnecessary to think about 'recognition' from hospitals. This may be different from country to country so please check requirements in your country before you enrol.  It is worth noting, our clientele tend to be home birthers and lean towards birthing outside of the system. 

We are not Doula Uk Approved as we are self governed. 

Are there any requirements to enrol/ previous experience etc? 

No. We do not teach clinical practice so there are no requirements. Just an open mind and a loving heart

How do I find work after the course?

We teach you skills on the course to find your own work. Marketing tips and SEO are included on the course. As well as this, you will automatically be added to our directory after you have completed the course. If we get enquiries in your area, we will pass on your details to any clients. As a When Push Comes To Shove Doula, you will get priority access to job applications. 

I am already a midwife, is this course for me?

Yes you can certainly train with us, the role of a Doula is very different from midwifery. However, the most popular course amongst midwives is our 'Midwife Lifeboat' course. This is a conversion course from Midwife to Birth Keeper. This course was initially set up as a lifeline for midwives who did not wish to have the vaccine in order to keep their job within the NHS. This mandate has now been revoked but we still offer the course to midwives who wish to practice autonomously as a birth keeper. This is an exceptional course with a high work conversion rate. 

If you would like to enrol on this course, please email us to book. (Discounts available for group bookings)