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Digital Course

A birth preparation course that you can complete in your own time

Most antenatal courses prepare you for a systemic birth. Sadly we live in a fear based maternity system and are not given individualised care. Did you know that maternity care guidelines are only 8% evidence based? 

Our course provides you with all the tools you need to make informed decisions and have an empowered birth! You are an individual, not a statistic! 

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Surprised Pregnant Woman


Perfect for mum's and birth partners

  • Human Microbiome

    • How method of birth effects gut health & how to optimise microbiome seeding during birth

  • ‘Risk’

    • Why is the word 'risk' triggering why it is unhelpful to label women 'high risk' Evidence based information to understand if someone truly is 'high risk'

  • Intervention

    • From cervical sweeps to c-sections, learn about why intervention occurs and is it really necessary?

  • Birth physiology

    • Learn how the hormonal and mechanical roles of birth come together. Why birth should seldom 'go wrong' but why we see so many traumatic births in our society

  • Breastfeeding 

  • Signs of labour

  • Home birth

  • Hospital Birth 

  • C-sections

  • Pain relief

  • Human rights in birth

Pregnant Woman and Partner