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Course Content - Timetable 

Our courses run from 12-3PM (UK Time) On Zoom Monday - Thursday 

Water Birth

Day 1

  • Signs of labour

  • Stages of labour 

  • How long birth will last 

  • Pain relief 

  • Induction of labour

  • Home or hospital 

  • Microbiome

  • Intervention

  • Meditation 

  • Medical ethics 

Feeling Mom's Tummy

Day 2

  • Birth partner support 

  • Positions in labour

  • Birth physiology

  • Vaccinations

  • A brief history of childbirth (movement to hospital) 

  • Cesarean operations

  • Postnatal care

  • Breast feeding 

  • Social services

  • Medical Freedom

Newborn Baby

Day 3

  • Risk

  • Continuity of care

  • Midwives

  • Caseloading

  • Doulas

  • ‘Overdue’

  • Emotional 

  • Physical 

  • Relationship with money 

  • Building a business

    • SEO & Marketing​

Twin Babies

Day 4

  • Your rights in childbirth (Am I Allowed - Beverley Beech) 

    • Navigating the system

    • How to complain

    • Mistakes by healthcare professionals 

  • Freebirth

  • Breech Birth

  • Your role as a Doula

  • Reading material & helpful websites

Also included as a massive bonus on this course 

The ultimate guide to rights in birth

Am I Allowed?

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Pose at Protest


Unlike most courses, mentorship is included in the price of our course

Women with Sparklers

Free Directory

Lifetime membership to our birth keeper directory. If you train with us you get priority to job applications


- Once payment is confirmed, you will then receive an email with a pre course module to complete in your own time. They are simply a list of questions to familiarise yourself with the course content.

-You will receive your welcome pack in the post ( CD, book & merchandise) 

- You will complete the 4 day course (All course content will be uploaded to our course area for unlimited use)

- You will receive the post course module to complete in your own time

- You will receive your certificate 

- You will be mentored through your first 5 births

- You will be added to our directory (no membership fee)

- You will be added to our telegram group to enjoy chat and support from our other birth keepers

- After your 5th birth you will be fully recognised as a WPCTS Birth Keeper

PLEASE NOTE  - If you need to pay in instalments or need further assistance to learn other ways to pay for your course, please email us

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