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Childbirth Masterclass

The 'no bullshit' childbirth preparation course to empower you against a system set up for failure 

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We are not interested in scaremongering

Most antenatal courses insinuate you can 'try' for a natural birth but will ultimately set you up for failure in a fear based maternity structure. Many women will feel traumatised and believe their body has failed them, when the truth is the system failed them. 

Birth is a NATURAL process that will seldom need medical intervention. NOT a medical process that occurs naturally & undisturbed if you are lucky! 

Never confuse 'common' horror stories of birth with 'normal' birth trauma is common NOT NORMAL' 

To find out why, turn your back on fear in childbirth, enrol on this masterclass to empower yourself and take control of your experience 

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Evidence based education

Did you know maternity care is only 8% Cat A evidence based according to a study AIMS published in 2015

So if you are being told that your body will fail you, or you aren't 'allowed' to birth how you choose. It is important to properly inform yourself with evidence before you accept or decline interventions offered to you. Yes, OFFERED. You DO NOT have to accept any medical intervention. 

Understand why your body has the ability to work perfectly well without anyone disturbing you or turning your birth into a medical emergency. 

Your body your choice. 

This course will cover every aspect of birth choices you could possibly need to become empowered and make informed decisions. No bullshit, no scaremongering. Just outstanding education from an experienced birth practitioner. 


Taught by Nickita Starck, founder of When Push Comes To Shove (the fastest growing alternative maternity structure in the world) NICE Stakeholder & EBE award nominated for exceptional service to women. She is an experienced Natural birth practitioner of 13 years with only a 5% c-section rate and also a childbirth educator running courses for Doulas & Midwives. 

This is a digital course and can be completed at your own leisure.

Perfect for mum's and birth partners

  • Human Microbiome

    • How method of birth effects gut health & how to optimise microbiome seeding during birth

  • ‘Risk’

    • Why is the word 'risk' triggering why it is unhelpful to label women 'high risk' Evidence based information to understand if someone truly is 'high risk'

  • Intervention

    • From cervical sweeps to c-sections, learn about why intervention occurs and is it really necessary?

  • Birth physiology

    • Learn how the hormonal and mechanical roles of birth come together. Why birth should seldom 'go wrong' but why we see so many traumatic births in our society

  • Breastfeeding 

  • Signs of labour

  • Home birth

  • Hospital Birth 

  • C-sections

  • Pain relief

  • Human rights in birth