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With special thanks to....

Nickita's inspiration- Andy Parker

Andy was inspired to study midwifery following the birth of her son at home in 1997.  Andy trained in an excellent midwifery model of care in Torbay and since qualifying as a midwife in 2005 has worked in all areas of maternity including case loading teams, birth centres, nhs and private obstetric units and special care baby units.  Andy was drawn to independent midwifery in 2008 to enable her to provide full continuity of carer which has consistently been shown to improve safety for mothers and babies. 


Andy has a keen interest in maternal and neonatal physiology and has developed additional skills to educate and support birth and feeding by training as an antenatal teacher, craniosacral therapist, and manual therapist.  Andy has a deep respect for new life and a passionate commitment to nurturing and supporting parents to discover and follow their own path in birthing and parenting.  Andy has a special interest in home birth, breech birth and twin birth.  


Andy is based in North London and travels throughout the uk and abroad to support families give birth in the way that they choose.


'Every birth is magical'

TtTo Matt

Thank you from the bottom of my heart 

for your encouragement , support, patience, and most of all you unimaginable love. 

Without your love I don't think I could achieve all that I have. You are my soul mate, my inspiration and my best friend. 

Thank you for being you and your unequivocal  belief in me. 

Love you mate!

Nickita x

PS Thanks for letting me borrow your car :) 

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