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What is 'When Push Comes To Shove'?

pregnancy care

We provide NON clinical maternity care. We have Natural Birth Practitioners all over the UK & in 5 other countries

Email us to find a Birth Keeper/Doula in your area. We will match you up with the best person for you! 

If you are on a low income you may qualify for FREE care. 


Whether you are brand new to the birth world without previous experience or you are already a Midwife, we have courses for all abilities. Enrol on our Doula courses or get on board the Midwife Lifeboat to become a holistic Birth Practitioner and practice autonomous care

Digital Birth preparation courses/antenatal classes

If you are a parent-to-be, arming yourself with knowledge of physiological birth and human rights so you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth. You will not find a more detailed course! We also have a stand alone course just for human rights in birth. Subscribe to our Telegram Channel for discounts.

1-1 virtual support

Nickita, the founder of When Push Comes To Shove is always available for 1-1 sessions on zoom. There isn't much she doesn't know about birth, so ask her anything! She will provide you with bespoke care and support you in navigating a very compicated maternity system 


Three Step Rewind

Birth trauma healing with Rachel




Understand how meditate during labour and really enjoy your birth!


We are the fastest growing 'alternative' maternity structure in the world.

If you have no trust in the system, come to us! We can help you birth outside the system or help you navigate it. Empowerment is our passion. We even have an access fund for low income families

When push comes to shove is an EBE award nominated maternity service. Founded by Nickita Starck. We are an alternative maternity structure.  
We are NICE stakeholders and are associated with The World Council For Health We specialise in birth physiology and birth rights.

We provide outstanding birth education. From Doula services and online birth workshop programmes to Independent Midwife referrals and PSHE education for children.
When Push Comes To Shove see you as an individual, not a statistic. The term 'Risk' is relative and we ensure quality education so you are able to understand why you are being labeled 'high risk' and what your choices are. 
We are an advocacy service set to ensure your wishes are respected during birth. Informed consent is key and sadly we hear all too many accounts of this not being practiced. We provide evidence based information so you can make an informed decision about your birth. We have. no interest in telling you how to give birth at all. We believe in informed consent. One woman's ideal of childbirth will not be another's. We stand for empowerment and supporting YOUR choice. Home, hospital or swimming with dolphins! It's your choice. 

We also have a youtube channel. We interview many birth professionals such as Doctors, Midwives & Doulas. We even interview celebrities! Our podcast is available on itunes and spotify too. 

Can you help change a woman's life?

Hundreds of thousands of women suffer with UNNECESSARY birth trauma. Women go through the conveyor belt system thinking trauma is normal. It is NOT normal, only common! It is common due to the over-medicalisation of childbirth. 


Not everyone can afford private holistic care and we want our services to be available to every family. Change someone's life today and donate to our Access Fund for low income families. Everyone should have the chance at an informed and empowered birth 

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We are raising the voice of birth by bringing the subject of birth into the mainstream narrative.  Birth effects everyone.  Along with the amazing single BREATHE AGAIN we are talking to as many people as possible about birth & birth choices on our growing YouTube Channel & we will begin filming the birth documentary in the Spring of 2021.

Raise funds for Independent Midwives to get the insurance needed to be able to get back to work

Make, record & release the amazing New Single, Breathe Again.

Available now for pre-order

To create an education program for young adults to understand the physiology of birth & all of the birth options available

Create an educational program suitable to be added to the current Sex Education Curriculum to help educate children about birth & choices in birth

Funded antenatal & postnatal education to women & birthing people throughout all stages of motherhood with non-biased, factual information

Create an Access Fund so even those in financial or personal hardships can have access to Independent Midwives & or Doula support if they so wish

Raise awareness for the right to choose where people birth & who they have at their birth

Using donated funds to build independent birthing units around the UK so anyone who wishes to, can access & use independent birth services outside of their homes if they wish to do so.