What is 'When Push Comes To Shove'?

When push comes to shove is essentially a birth movement. 

The creator of the movement Nickita Starck began the campaign after she received incredible support from her friend and independent midwife Andy Parker. Nickita was determined to raise the money needed to supply IM'S with insurance. While simultaneously spreading awareness about choices in childbirth. 

As a birth worker herself Nickita feels passionate about autonomy in birth and has made it her mission to educate parents everywhere that they have full control of their bodies and everyone should be entitled to information in order to make informed choices about their birth. 


We are raising the voice of birth by bringing the subject of birth into the mainstream narrative.  Birth effects everyone.  Along with the amazing single BREATHE AGAIN we are talking to as many people as possible about birth & birth choices on our growing YouTube Channel & we will begin filming the birth documentary in the Spring of 2021.

Raise funds for Independent Midwives to get the insurance needed to be able to get back to work

Make, record & release the amazing New Single, Breathe Again.

Available now for pre-order

To create an education program for young adults to understand the physiology of birth & all of the birth options available

Create an educational program suitable to be added to the current Sex Education Curriculum to help educate children about birth & choices in birth

Funded antenatal & postnatal education to women & birthing people throughout all stages of motherhood with non-biased, factual information

Create an Access Fund so even those in financial or personal hardships can have access to Independent Midwives & or Doula support if they so wish

Raise awareness for the right to choose where people birth & who they have at their birth

Using donated funds to build independent birthing units around the UK so anyone who wishes to, can access & use independent birth services outside of their homes if they wish to do so.

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